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Hey, sorry there's not much here, but I can say, we'll be at the following conventions:

Little Wars – April 23rd & 24th, 2010 at Marriott, Lincolnshire, IL (Dennis Bulawa running games, contact:

OrcCon - President's Day Weekend (Saturday and Sunday games) - Radisson LAX

Gamex - Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday and Sunday games) - Radisson LAX

Origins - Last weekend of June (Thursday - Saturday games) - Columbus, OH

GenCon - (Thursday, Friday and Saturday games) - Indianapolis, IN

Heat of Battle - (Friday and Saturday games) - New Orleans, LA, contact:

Gateway - Labor Day Weekend (Saturday and Sunday games) - Radisson LAX




Oh, wait, here's a meandering from the creator...

I created this game because I was obsessed with Axis & Allies and wanted something that was
bigger, expandable, and for which victory wasn't so dependent upon the dice rolls. 
When you play The War Game: WORLD WAR II, you'll discover that it's just as easy to grasp
as A&A, but has the depth and possibilities that make it the most improvisational game of this kind.
By that, I mean, myself and the band of brothers that have played this game for over a decade STILL don't have
"pat" opening moves (though, we often choose from a half-dozen favorites).  My peeps will attest that,
the moment play begins, you have a different game than the last and you MUST think on your feet to win. 
Plus, the most victorious players are those who are exceptional at the "end game."  In other words, A lot of players get good
at crafting an early momentum, but it's the real genius who can bring the game to a successful finish. 
Why is the end game so hard?  Because, when you're winning, you have to control and protect so much
land and sea, that the chance for massively exploitable errors becomes extreme.  Plus, with The War Game:  WORLD WAR II,
there is as much of a chess game in the oceans as there is on land.
The bottom line:  This game was a decade-long dream that has come into reality.  All I ever wanted was to
be able to play a game that was always exciting, filled with big battles with big drama, and most of all, contributed richly to
the ART of strategic thinking.  And I think you will find the strategic art in The War Game: WORLD WAR II by your second game.

Thanks for playing and sharing the passion and the obsession.

- Jeffry Stein


Here's an article from 2002 when we attended the last GenCon in Milwaukee:
And that picture of my lanky self was on the front page of the Milwaukee Sentinel that day. 
The photographer told me to grab some pieces and start setting them out, so I illustrate the complete fakeness of the
moment by putting out an impossible French Navy in the Indian Ocean (Battleship, Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer).



TWG - OC Register Front

Orange County Register 12-3-2004 – Gen Con. a game convention attended by
10,000+ consumers where The War Game: World War II has earned top spot in the listings. 
As Stein says, “We’re so popular, we have to turn players away.”

TWG - OC Register Picture