1942 Basic Rules - Second Edition
(Updated 4 July 2015.  Here are the First Edition Rules)

Key differences are that Axis nations may liberate for each other, including Japan, Lend/Lease is expanded,
restrictions on Allies attacking Neutral nations (to match Diplomat's Guide), harsh terrains causing
death on a 10-12 roll, and a number of sentence clarifications, typos removed, etc.
NOW the game is perfect, until we find it is not, then it will be, again.  See any typos?  Hit me: Jeff@TheWarGame.com

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1942 Setup Charts:



To tally the income totals during the game, download one of the following...

If you're a techie, use this spreadsheet on a laptop while playing:
1942 Money Tally Excel Spreadsheet
Graciously and brilliantly crafted by General Geoff Zahn of The Minnesota Brigade (Captain Kyle Kruger, Major Martin Asao, Tank Commander Tom Malik and Admiral Brandon Harper)


Or, if you're a paper and pencil type, download and print this:
1942 Money Tally Chart

1945-47 Money Tally Chart





Tournament Modules
(See Officer's Mess for complete Tournament Rules)


Module I: Railroads
(Now included in the 2nd Edition Rulebook, top of page)




Module II: Strategic Bombing
(Now included in the 2nd Edition Rulebook, top of page)




Module III: Rommel's Rules
(Now included in the 2nd Edition Rulebook, top of page)




Module IV: Air Supremacy
(Now included in the 2nd Edition Rulebook, top of page)







Diplomat's Guide to World Domination

This tells how all the neutral territories interact politically, armies they have, civil unrest, etc.  Unfortunately, once
the whole world is at war, less countries can still be influenced.  But, here it is, and the accompanying extra parts:

Diplomat's Guide to World Domination
(Updated 5 December, 2014)
Alliance Flags

(Vichy flags are for the 1939 rules)







Manufacturing and Recruiting
(This allows you to add in all those meticulously-painted pewter battleships, partisans, fighters, half-tracks, jeeps, rail guns, etc.
This book provides the math and combat modifications to generate costs and define abilities of various technologies.)

UPDATED: 15 October 2009
READ THIS: Listen, this still has typos and will need more clarifications.  Updates will occur occasionally.  Thanks for your patience.

Manufacturing and Recruiting Handbook


Manufacturing and Recruiting Unit Charts
(These are blank charts for each nation, so you can put in your own names and values of units)







1939 Rules


We are in the play-testing phase with this VASTLY SIMPLIFIED version of the 1939 rules.  Enjoy


The War Game WORLD WAR II - 1939
(Updated 12 December, 2014)

1939 Setup Charts
(Includes Influence - Updated 12 December, 2014)

1939 Neutral Forces Setup Charts
(For initial placement of units in Neutral territories - Updated 12 December, 2014)

1939 Roll Chart
(Use this to check off the rolls made as you play - Updated 4 July, 2013)

1939 Money Chart
(Updated 4 July, 2013)

1939 Political Unrest Chart
(Use this to check off the rolls made as you play - Updated 4 July, 2012)






  Other Modules and Rulebooks, to be Re-released soon... 

Note from the Creator of The War Game:
Okay, here's the deal:  I've been selling boards and rules for years, becoming part of a secret society of fellow strategic
 artists who dig this game.  In those days, I had 4' x 8' sheets printed and laminated, costing over $300 each, usually mounted
to masonite in 8 squares.  I threw in the rules for a few bucks and the addiction was spread.  In our different groups all
 over the country, we mastered and play-tested the game in a progression; adding rules, trying to master and balance each.
  Long story short, in the interest of properly growing the art of strategy gaming, please indulge me as I make some final polishes
 on these latter rule sets.  I'll explain more, below, but let me say, I sincerely appreciate the interest from y'all, 'cause believe me,
 I feel ya.  I've had over a decade of serious fun with this game/journey.  The combination of cerebral and psychological warfare
 twisted to the maximum in games like this is what makes our gamer craniums so freakin' nuclear-quantum-ginormous.  Right?


Module V: Defenses and Fortifications
(This adds a sweet level of battle nuance, but it's piece-heavy, so we're working on providing for that)



Module VI: Naval Engagement
(This defines acquisition of detection technologies, fleet movement, and ocean reconnaissance.)


Modules VII - XI
(These modules are in various states of graphic completion and need a little polish for proper presentation.  They cover units like gliders,
rockets, etc., conditions like weather, leadership, resistance, economics, supply lines, and yes, the atom bomb, which has yet to change
 the outcome of the war.  It just rubs salt in the wounds of the conquered, or leaves a conqueror with less inhabitable land to occupy.)


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